Busting myths about fitness/training

After talking some serious stuff in my previous write up, I thought of having some fun in this one, lets discuss some of the myths in fitness industry which are so widespread that some of them are even thought of as universal truth. Ok before we start let me state a disclaimer: I am no fitness guru (who knows all) but over the years of training and reading, I have learnt some basic thumb rules which are more than enough to bust most of the if not all of the prevalent myths about fitness and weight training. Lets talk about seven myths I have heard about/experienced myself.

First one: Since the time I have started training, I don’t think even one week would have passed when no one asked me this question:  Will I become fat if I go to gym/workout for sometime and then stop going/doing? I’m like :


The answer in one word is NO. I would have rested my case here but I think it is important to discuss some more points here.There is a simple equation of our body : Input – Output = Gain/Loss , if you eat more and do less you gain while if you eat less and do more you loose simple aint it? Ok there are some other factors like metabolism and food contents that also factor in but effectively it is input vs output that counts. So please dont think that going to gym and then stopping makes you fat it all depends on what you eat and what you do

Second one : Girls/Women should not do weight training as they will grow big muscles and look manly I m literally like :


Ok this might sound a bit harsh , but please understand one thing that if gaining muscles would have been so easy then every Tom Dick and Harry would have become Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Doing weight training is very healthy it increases your body stamina and power, if combined carefully with your day to day functional requirements it can really help you boost your performance at the sport you play and even at the work you do. Girls who do weight training stay healthy , and having a bit of muscle is always helpful so a humble request to all the ladies out there “please don’t shy away from weight training”

Third one : I don’t wear shorts and I want to build only upper body , so I wont do leg workouts/squats.

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 12.36.57 AM

Please realize one thing a building can never grow strong on the top if it has a weak / no foundation. Leg training for any athlete is as essential as breathing for any human. Barbell squats is called king of all exercises for a reason. Apart from building quads,glutes,hams and calves it also strengthens your core which is absolutely essential for any sport/physical activity. Start training your legs if you have not been doing that till today. As for exercises my top six among all the leg exercises are :

  1. Back barbell squats
  2. Front barbell squats
  3. Dumbbell lunges
  4. Machine leg extensions
  5. Machine leg press
  6. Reverse leg curl

Fourth one : Have lemon honey and warm water in morning and start loosing weight Are you serious?

Screen Shot 2015-03-15 at 11.23.41 PM

Having lemon and honey in luke warm water has got its own benefits and I don’t deny that, but even after having that you need to workout to achieve the weight loss results. Please don’t gulp down some stuff and believe you will loose weight without doing any workout.

Fifth one :  I can gain muscle and reduce fat simultaneously Did I hear it right??

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 4.06.22 AM

A human body can function in only one direction you can either gain or loose weight. There is no way you can gain muscle and loose fat simultaneously unless you are on steroids, I don’t encourage steroid usage so I will like to believe that all my readers are natural. A typical muscle growth cycle has two phases bulking and cutting. In bulking we gain fat and muscle together to achieve bigger muscle size also known as hypertrophy. Then in cutting we shed extra fat and muscle by reducing the calorie intake, During this process the overall gain number should ideally remain positive. For example if I completed  the last cutting cycle with a body weight of 80 kgs and body fat % of 10 %. After the next cycle ideally I should weigh atleast 82 kgs with same or lesser body fat %.

Sixth one :  If you lift weights you will have lots of bones/joint problems during old age. I had many people come and ask me many out of care and some out of curiosity that why I lift so much and what will happen to me in old age. Before I tell you a simple fact, please see the picture below

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 4.25.46 AM

This picture is of Manohar Aich, first Mr. Universe from India he is 102 years old today and still trains everyday. Do I need to say more. I think I do, weight training increases the longevity of bones and muscles and not otherwise so if you want to live long and strong start training with weights today itself. Disclaimer, people die early due to substance abuse and not due to weight training, I am still to hear a case where a person died early because of weight training.

Seventh and last one:  Most people come to me with specific requests like I want to build biceps,I want to build abs and nothing else

Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 4.40.54 AM

First things first ideally a human body grows like a tree, so you should focus on growth of entire body rather than a specific muscle. You can grow one muscle by only training it while ignoring others but going that way you will be doing yourselves more harm than good. One thumb rule which I have always followed is not to ignore any muscle group and also not to over stress any muscle group . Have proper training and rest for all big and small muscle groups, bigger muscle groups (Back,Legs and Chest) should have atleast a rest window of 72 hours while smaller muscle groups(Biceps,Triceps,Shoulder,forearms,traps,calves, abs) should have a rest window of atleast 48 hours.

Thank you for reading this,  keep training – STAY HEALTHY/STAY HAPPY


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